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Santos Training & Development

Santos Training & Development was started in 2015 by Gary McPhail with the aim of providing quality training to companies and developing their staff and business’. Currently they are based in the North East of England although our reach extends to the whole of England and Wales.

The Challenge :

When we started with Santos they had barely any online presence apart from maybe 3 business directory listings, they also had a logo and some business cards.

The Solution :

For Santos we decided they needed a website, social media profiles and quality SEO (on site and off-site) to give them a great online presence to increase communication and interaction.

What we provided :

Social Media Profiles

Brand New Website

Full Website SEO

Branding Assets

The Details

Social Media

First of all we created social media profiles for Santos (twitter and instagram). Once we created the profiles we fleshed them out with a business profile overview description and communication links. 

The Website + Content

Secondly we started building the website.  The website would focus on getting people to view potential courses and get in contact so there are 6 essential pages :

Home Page

 Courses Page

Employers Page

Learners Page

About Page

Contact Page

After a chat with Santos we realised we would have to create the content for the website as there was no previous website to draw content from. This included page content, social media content and post content. Once we had curated all of the content that we needed we added it all to the website.

Full Website SEO

Now that all of the website was stable we were able to focus on on sight SEO. With lots of planning and keyword research we were able to decide of strategic keyword phrases which allowed us to refine our website content and create focused and proper meta descriptions. All of this ensures a good search engine ranking for the Santos website which is effective in reaching the goal of more customer contact and interaction.

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