Optimum Sports Logo Version 4

Optimum Sports

Optimum Sports in the parent company of Optimum Cricket who strive to be the new face of cricket in the North East, but now they wanted to expand to all sports and so Optimum Sports came around.

The Challenge :

Optimum Sports came to me wanting a fresh update of their previous logo redesigned for the sports side of the business and also some great shirt designs for their websites custom sports shirt creator.

The Solution :

After talks, corrections and back and forth conversations I managed to create a clean professional logo ready for use on branded materials. Still in line with previous branding and business materials. Along with that I created 10 great sports shirt designs able to cater to any teams needs whilst still looking their best.

What we provided :

Brand new logo for professional use on branded material and social media assets.

10 Custom sports shirts designs for an online kit builder.

The Details

For the 10 sports shirt designs I had to create cool, unique and eye-catching designs whilst not making them to abstract to the level that no one would wear them. I was limited to certain colours and parameters to do with when the designs port online to a custom shirt builder program however I still think I succeeded with all the designs.

For the logo they wanted something on brand with their previous logo for the cricket side of the business because of already acquired assets. So for this I maintained the original font and joined letters but changed to the correct letters. Colours wise I used a blue that was going to feature a lot on the new website plus a lighter blue to compliment it. The new logo has different versions including a silhouette, crest and symbol.

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