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First for Apprenticeships

First for Apprenticeships is a quality apprenticeship and professional training provider. Whether you’re looking to start a new career with an apprenticeship, want to up-skill your staff, or want to maximise your ROI by using the apprenticeship levy, we have you covered.

The Challenge :

First For Apprenticeships was starting from nothing no website, no marketing, no branding assets, no content and no social media. First for Apprenticeships was donut with no filling.

The Solution :

We were to flesh out First For Apprenticeships with everything it needed to look full, functional and on brand. Also starting to create successful social media accounts for marketing and blog posts. Luckily for this project I had a talented friend working with me.

What we provided :

Website + Content

Social Media + Content

Brand Assets (Prospectus ect.)

The Details

The Branding

The First for Apprenticeships logo was created but apart from that they had nothing as far as branding assets. So before the website could be built and documents produced there needed to be clear strict brand guidelines.

Once this brand guidelines document was produced we were able to create all of the downloadable documents for the website and bring the website within the brand rules.

They also needed a brand new Prospectus that fit within the guidelines so  after many layout and page style talks we produced this as well.

The Website + Content

Once the First For Apprenticeships website was designed and built it needed to be populated with a huge amount of content as the website catered to so a huge audience from school leavers to business owners.

Once all the content was created it had to be optimised for search engines (SEO) along with the web pages to ensure high rankings on google and the ability to gain some domain authority.

The Social Media + Content

After the Branding and Website were completed it was time to make fully fleshed out Social Media profiles that were capable of successfully marketing First for Apprenticeships organically on those platforms.

Through these platforms me and my partner were able to see increases of over 300% on visits in Linked In and our no.1 referral link was Instagram.

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