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DMAC Heating & Gas

DMAC Heating & Gas is run by Duncan who has  had experience in the plumbing, gas and fireplace business for over 30 years. He is based in Prudhoe, Northumberland and works all over the North of England and southern Scotland.

The Challenge :

When we were fist put in touch Duncan wanted a new logo for his business as up until him working with us he didn’t have one and only possessed one slight bit of branding which was a poorly designed magazine advert.


So we were very much starting from ground zero because Duncan needed a full branding pack and in future an online presence. We had to think of a way to make him stand out from the crowd of tradesmen visually but remain recognisable.

The Solution :

We worked with DMAC Heating & Gas to create a fresh, professional, eye-catching and clean brand identity solution. Centred around the custom two colour logo type and typography.


Also providing the appropriate, consistent branding assets which can be used to further the brand and help customers to recognise the brand in the future and to retain their support.

What we provided :

 Brand new logo

 Business cards

Magazine Adverts

Social Media Profiles

The Details

The Logo

For the logo or lack there of, all we had was a solid blue background with “DMAC Heating & Gas” written in white and the default Times new Roman font so we decided it was time for a complete change up.

In the end we created a brand new fresh, professional, eye-catching and clean logo. We feel it’s instantly recognisable as DMAC and unique but still remaining clearly a tradesmen.

Business Cards

After the new logo had been completed DMAC Heating & Gas needed some new quality business cards to pass around and to keep the branding consistent. Naturally we took care of this as well.

We created a high quality set of business cards which had a clear and clean theme and were printed on great quality 450 gsm soft touch laminate card to make them stand out from standard cheap business cards.


With DMAC only having one very poor bit of branding as a magazine advert we obviously had to update this, the advert was small and only business card size but we still managed to create a polished advertisement that was striking but retained all of the essential information.

Once this was completed we were able to create a in depth but concise branding document to ensure they stay true to the brand in the future when doing creative projects.

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